How can I use the "English (UK)" input source on Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 with GNOME 3.18 to add accents etc to letters?


If you look at the UK keyboard layout chart:

UK keyboard layout chart

you'll see a ton of tertiary and quaternary symbols per key.

These are used with the Right Alt for the tertiary and Right Alt+Shift for the quaternary ones, so Right Alt+Shift+M will give you °, so you can now write: -40°C = -40°F


In addition to @Fabby's answer, don't forget about the Compose key Shift+AltGr.

The keys must be pressed in that order, as AltGr+Shift gives the dead-key, as described by Fabby.

For example, Shift+AltGr, o, o gives you °. (Note that you press Shift and then AltGr at the same time, then let go of both keys before pressing o, and o again.)

More examples that can be obtained with Shift+AltGr:

  • é: e, '
  • ç: c, ,
  • ö: o, "
  • ß: s, s
  • ½: 1, 2
  • →: -, >
  • — (em-dash): -, -, -

Refer to /usr/share/X11/locale/${LANG}/Compose for a full list. (If the file doesn't exist, use your closest ${LANG}. For example, my ${LANG} is en_GB.UTF-8, but the nearest file for me is /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose.)


Some suddenly misconfiguration maked me write spanish tildes like "´a". You didn't tell your keyboard layout.

My .xinputrc was old. I solved only excecuting:


And I followed choosing 'default'.

If your layout is not in your target accents-language you can write some symbols and all characters with an easy app gucharmap (I have it in Xubuntu, maybe in ubuntu works as well)


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