I installed Deluge and the webui.

I set the download path in the GUI client on the server, however when I launch the WebUI and click on preferences, the Download To folder shows C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Downloads which is not what it's set on the main client.

Is this value used? or Incorrect?

Do I need to manually put in the path on the server as if I was on the physical server to where I want them downloaded to?


The download To setting is used when torrents are initially added, it must be manually entered and there should be enough space in that location.

Eg. /var/lib/deluge/Downloads

If you would like to change this location after the torrent has been added you need to right click the torrent and say Move Storage. Then manually type the path on the server.

Side Note

I would recommend removing the main deluge client, it is not a requirement and is just a native desktop app for deluge.

sudo apt-get remove deluge

The minimum required is the deluged and deluge-webui.

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