The hard drive doesn't even show up on the Boot Sequence. I tried adding the hard drive as a boot option but it says that it does not exist. I also checked and the computer is set to UEFI mode. It loads and runs Ubuntu just fine from the thumb drive, but it won't boot the installed version of Ubuntu. I even double loaded to images of it side by side as someone else suggested. Still won't work. I used Gparted to flag the main Ubuntu partition as the boot as well and that did nothing. Help! I need this computer back!

Thanks, Colin


Okay, in the end, I had to reinstall 14.04 (erasing all previous versions, but without the encryption) while I was in the Flash Drive version of Ubuntu. Then I ran boot-repair. Then I shut the computer down and removed my thumb drive. Then I started the computer and it worked. Not sure which step was the winner this time, but when I tried the exact same set of steps outside the thumb drive driven Ubuntu environment and when I tried to do the "encrypted" version of the install, it would not work.


I also have an error when I install install Windows on Ubuntu, solution:

  1. Reinstall a installation boot disc or usp on system

  2. Select the disc which is inserted into system on step 1

  3. During booting it will ask install or use only mode, choose and click use only mode

  4. When Ubuntu GUI appears open software center

  5. Search a boot repair tool software then install

  6. Open a bootrepair software, choose 2nd option to repair the grub booting program

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