Using juju 1.25 when I tried to bootstrap it hangs and gives error after waiting a long time:

juju version 1.25.3-trusty-amd64

"Attempt 5 to download tools from https://streams.canonical.com/juju/tools/agent/1.25.3/juju-1.25.3-trusty-amd64.tgz...
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: streams.canonical.com
tools from https://streams.canonical.com/juju/tools/agent/1.25.3/juju-1.25.3-trusty-amd64.tgz downloaded: HTTP 000; time 0.000s; size 0 bytes; speed 0.000 bytes/s sha256sum: /var/lib/juju/tools/1.25.3-trusty-amd64/tools.tar.gz: No such file or directory
2016-03-29 15:22:06 ERROR juju.cmd supercommand.go:429 failed to bootstrap environment: subprocess encountered error code 1"

When trying to check the status it gives this error: juju status

ERROR Unable to connect to environment "maas". Please check your credentials or use 'juju bootstrap' to create a new environment.

Error details:
unable to connect to "wss://"

There was a thread earlier on this:

juju Bootstrap --debug failed to connect https://streams.canonical.com

I have tested it. There is no firewall on the server and its a standalone machine. I have checked the resolver and DNS server settings and it appears to be fine. Can some one help me with this error ?

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