I have two monitors hooked to a GTX-960. One is connected via DVI and the other via DP. This is a System76 Leopard Extreme desktop. I'm using the proprietary Nvidia "tested" drivers. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Quite often (~50% of the time) when I arrive in the morning one or the other monitor is black (in sleep mode, has no signal). Sometimes re-plugging the monitor works, but other times only a reboot fixes the problem. Sometimes both monitors are black, re-plugging doesn't help and I need to power-button reboot the system.

I have my system set to never sleep. I have my screen set to "turn off when inactive: never".

I've tried the Xorg drivers and DP doesn't work at all in that case. I've tried the "untested" drivers with the same result.

Any ideas? Thanks.


This isn't really an answer, but it's a workaround: when I'm in this state, toggling between console mode and back to graphical mode (ctrl-alt-f1 and ctrl-alt-f7) kicks the monitor out of sleep and fixes the problem.

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