I am running Natty Narwhal and all of a sudden I am unable to access any web based email (like Yahoo mail) I enter my user name & password and hit the login button and the page that loads keeps resetting really fast and never finishes loading. the URL keeps changing with each reset. if I did not know any better I would assume that it was trying every user name/password combination to attempt to get illegal access to an/my account. However I have been able to bypass that using the Tor browser so I know that is is local to MY copy of Firefox but I do not know what files to replace/remove/edit to fix this problem. Yes I have done a virus scan with Clam Anti virus and found nothing. Please someone HELP!


You can try to reconfigure firefox

sudo dpkg-reconfigure firefox

Also I would check the proxy server settings of firefox. Maybe you can as well try firefox from another user account as the firefox in there might have another configuration.


Possibly it's a proxy setting thing. Go to 'Edit' in your Firefox page and select 'Preferences'. Click 'Advanced' and under 'Connection' checked 'Auto-detect proxy for this network' and click OK.Close the page and restart Firefox.Thanks.

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