Quick question - I'm using lightdm-gtk-greeter in both 15.10 and 16.04

In the panel the budgie-desktop session icon is appearing as a spanner (wrench) icon.

Any ideas how I can change this from this default?

According to this Q&A for the unity-greeter icons are defined in /usr/share/unity-greeter

No such folder exists for the lightdm-gtk-greeter


Lightdm-gtk-greeter uses a different icon set. This question on launchpad explains the naming theme for the icons. I'm using lubuntu 14.04 and the aforementioned icons are located in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/places.

If you already have an icon (svg file) you want to use, move it to that location and name it sessionname_badge-symbolic.svg where sessionname is the name of your session (the session name is found in /usr/share/xsessions), budgie in your case. Make sure to update the icon cache afterwards or the greeter still won't use it.

sudo gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/hicolor

That should be it.

If that doesn't work, your icons may be in a different location, or there may not be a conf file for the particular session in /etc/lightdm. See the /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter-ubuntu.conf file and LightDM - Ubuntu Wiki for more details on writing up a .conf file. Hope this helps.

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