I am needing to install a persistent boot that has the swap partition, the persistent boot, and the casper-rw partition instead of the compressed file.

What I was thinking is breaking it down like this: 1024mb SWAP, 2gb Live Ubuntu 14.04 with persistent boot, 1gb casper-rw partition in ext4.

I have read on forums that making a partition of 1gb, naming it casper-rw, and deleting the casper-rw file will just load the casper-rw partition instead of the file.

The main reason I want to do it this way is the cost of USB drives. I do this all day remaking these drive from corruptions. Just replacing the casper-rw file doesn't really. I have hundreds of 4gb sticks, the 8gb sticks would cost money, and I'd still have the 4gb sticks.

now my questions:

1)Would a set-up like this work?

2)What file format does the 1024mb SWAP file need to be in.

3)What is the procedure for telling the grub, or file, to use the partition as a swap?

Additional information: This is the only HDD on the system, so it will always be SDA

  • You can get a 128GB USB Flash drive for $20. Are you sure you don't want to get something larger than 4GB? 2GB might not even be enough for a non-persistent LiveUSB. – TheWanderer Mar 24 '16 at 23:21
  • I need 300 of these little buggers. They only boot some testing software, report results to a database and shut off. – Michael Biglen Apr 3 '16 at 22:04

Yes, that would work, though I think it's not enough space for a GUI unless you use something like Lubuntu, which might or might not work.

The swap would be an entire partition with no format; the partition type would simply be set to swap rather than, say, ext4.

You don't tell GRUB about the swap partition, since GRUB only cares about the earliest parts of booting the operating system. Instead, you tell Linux by editing /etc/fstab to say what partition to use (see your own system's /etc/fstab for an example; it'll have a line mentioning swap). Use sudo blkid after booting froto get the proper UUID for your USB drive's swap partition.

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