I want to install the ubuntu mate 16.04, I tried the ubuntu 15.10 and 14.04 and no one work, always it is showing

[ACPI : EC: Fail in evaluating the _REG object of EC device. Broken bios is suspected].

I can't install linux on my computer (MSI GP72-6QE-087XFR Leopard Pro).

Someone gave this answer:

Just start the PC with the boot option

nomodeset idle=nomwait

For asus Rog 6th generation intel just


But I don't know where is the boot option, I want to install ubuntu mate 16.04 or ubuntu 15.10.

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I had the same problem with Ubuntu (16.04 & 14.04) on a "MSI GP62 Leopard Pro"

I made it to boot correctly by adding at the end of the boot line (after "quiet splash") :

nomodeset acpi_osi=

(you can access the command line by typing "e" when you see the grub ("Try Ubuntu" / "Install Ubuntu" / ...)

more information here

  • Does not work on MS-16J5 when booting Ubuntu 14.04 from DVD.
    – SuB
    Commented May 1, 2017 at 7:01

In the options (try Ubuntu, install ...etc) Press E .... You will be in an editor, put the string you need in the bottom.


Tested on: notebook model MSI GP72-6qe

Writing acpi=off on grub options, with this Ubuntu booted correctly, then apply all updates, in "privete controller" or "controladores privativos" (in spanish) choose Processor microcode firmware for intel . . . and reboot.

Now ubuntu run OK! with hot keys, acpi options, wifi, bluetooth, etc.

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