I installed this app and it made a mess. I haven't been able to visit the websites I blocked for 30min for days!

Does anybody know how to radically clean up this app and all the restrictions it has made? I want to eradicate it! :)

  • Please change your title to 'Uninstalling and removing configuration of SelfControl app' – Mostafa Ahangarha Mar 24 '16 at 11:59

Open a terminal window, and type sudo apt-get purge <package-name> and enter your user password when prompted. This usage will remove all settings and data stored by the package application (as opposed to simply uninstalling as would occur with sudo apt-get uninstall <package-name>).

You will need to know the package name for the application; that should be available from the "installed packages" list in the package manager you use.

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