One of the recommended practices to install a software from source is using checkinstall because it's easier to remove the software later.

But what's the best practice for updating such a software?

Should I remove the installed .deb package first and install the updated software again via checkinstall? Or can I directly install the software again and the system will automatically recognize that there is an old version of this software installed and overwrite it?


The crucial installation option with checkinstall is the --pkgversion option. If this is set correctly:

  1. A lesser version of your checkinstall-installed software will not overwrite a more recent version of your software application
  2. A more recent version will replace your checkinstall-installed software application

In this way checkinstall integrates very nicely with the Ubuntu package management system, and this system will automatically make room for a checkinstall produced package.

You do not necessarily have to specify this option on the commandline as checkinstall will normally do a great job of finding the correct version number...

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