I can't find in the Xubuntu 14.04 settings where the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T is associated to the xfce4 terminal. I'd like to associate that shortcut to terminator. How can I do it?


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If you run the command:


you will get a dialogue box that will allow you to configure your preferred Terminal application as default.

Below is a screenshot illustrating the dialogue box with my own preferred emulator sakura:

enter image description here

To manipulate the keyboard shortcuts for the now-preferred Terminal Emulator open the keyboard settings:

Applications --> Settings --> Keyboard --> Application Shortcuts

and either modify the existing shortcut or create a new one that uses this command:

exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator

You will then be prompted to type in your preferred key combination.

Below are my own settings with the appropriate keyboard setting of Ctrl+Alt+T in place for the default Terminal Emulator:

enter image description here

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