I have problems installing Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 15.04

Sometimes I got installed Ubuntu (dont know why, after trying a lot of times) but the system crashes suddenly when I'm working

I got this error on the ubuntu installation

kernel: [    6.152654] nouveau E[   PFIFO][0000:01:00.0] SCHED_ERROR [UNK06 ]

I also try to install fedora, and redhat... but it seems that theres an incompatibility with my video card (Nvidia Geforce 850M)

After install Ubuntu with the default video card driver nouveau.I tried to install the nvidia-352 but it causes that my computer crashes, then when I reboot I got a blank screen...


Generally it is recommended to use the NVIDIA drivers from the Ubuntu repositories.
But as you are experiencing issues - you can install the latest official NVIDIA drivers.
These drivers already are in the Ubuntu 16.04 (to be released in April) repositories.
Please note that Ubuntu 15.04 is not supported anymore, so install Ubuntu 14.04.

Install Ubuntu and the drivers this way - boot from Ubuntu installation media.

Select Try Ubuntu without installing and press the E key.
Add nouveau.modeset=0 to the end of the linux line and press F10 to boot.

On the desktop start the installation process and after it has finished reboot.

Select Ubuntu in the GRUB boot menu and press the E key.
Add nouveau.modeset=0 to the end of the linux line and press F10 to boot.

On the login screen press Ctrl+Alt+F1.
Enter your user name and the password - then execute these commands :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nvidia-361 nvidia-prime
sudo reboot
  • I tried what you suggested me... After that... it shows me the splash screen.. and then a blank screen... (but the login sounds. if I reboot, and put the nomodeset... I can see the login screen after splash, but when I login, the system shows me again the login screen... I cant login even if I put nomodeset or nouveau.modeset=0 The last time this happend to me I tried follow this guide: "Screen Blanks/Monitor Turns Off" on goo.gl/ZMghyn But it didnt work for me because in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf has two blocks with the line "Section "Screen"", so I dont know where to change it – Victor Hugo Arango A. Mar 26 '16 at 1:43
  • This is my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file dropbox.com/s/zyu2soq0v6ewjaz/xorg.conf?dl=0 – Victor Hugo Arango A. Mar 26 '16 at 1:55
  • @VictorHugoArangoA. : Please check whether there are settings in BIOS to activate the NVIDIA card or the switchable mode and do not connect an external monitor before or during the installation process. Another attempt is to uninstall all NVIDIA software (sudo apt-get purge nvidia*) and after the reboot ... reinstall the drivers in the way described. The correct xorg.conf file should be generated automatically. – cl-netbox Mar 26 '16 at 8:37
  • I purge the drivers and then reinstall the drivers without the screen... but the xorg is exactly the same that the file I sent you... When I purge the the drivers and return to Ubuntu desktop with nomodeset, I recieved a notification..... that told me that the resolutions didnt worked... dropbox.com/s/i0kot4s5h98gx4j/20160326_062503.jpg?dl=0 I tried to change the resolution before to make a new driver's installation, but is not possible to change the resolution from 1920x1080 via the "Displays" in system configuration – Victor Hugo Arango A. Mar 26 '16 at 11:53
  • @VictorHugoArangoA. : Why and where do you use nomodeset ? Did you add this to /etc/default/grub ? Please remove nomodeset ... then purge and reinstall the drivers exactly as described in the answer ! :) – cl-netbox Mar 26 '16 at 12:35

After so many tries... I discover in some forum that you can disable the nauveau drivers to install ubuntu...

I have to press the shift key.. when the system starts... that shows you the grub2 screen... select installation and then press e (for edit boot settings) then put the word "nomodeset" before the "quiet splash".. Save and reboot... Continue the installation process

once again you install ubuntu, the nauveau error is going to appear again... if you want that to disappear without installing nvidia.. just repeat the procedure... but put the word "nomoset" on the boot of the normal start up...

I still dont have my nvidia video card configured.. because everytime I try to configure them... my system shows a blank screen after splash... (but still hear the login sound, so I think is video card problems only)

You can check this link for more info about installing the drivers... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia

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