It's so annoying to drag it over and over again. How to change default position of a console?

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You can use command line options to launch the terminal window with desired settings.

In codeblocks :

  • Go to Settings > Environment > General Settings.
  • Change the "Terminal to launch console programs" option to :

gnome-terminal --geometry=WIDTHxHEIGHT+XOFF+YOFF -x

+XOFF : The left edge of the window is to be placed XOFF pixels in from the left edge of the screen
+YOFF : The top edge of the window is to be YOFF pixels below the top edge of the screen

I used the following to have the terminal almost centered on my screen :

gnome-terminal --geometry=80x20+300+240 -x  

Dialog in codeblocks and place to launch the terminal with desired settings

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