A few days ago, after a sytem update to kernel 3.19.0-56, I can not open anymore a tcrypt volume with cryptsetup. I get the following error:

sudo cryptsetup open --type tcrypt /dev/sda tcryptDisk
Enter passphrase: 
Required kernel crypto interface not available.
Ensure you have algif_skcipher kernel module loaded.

Trying to load the mentioned module does not resolve the issue:

sudo modprobe algif_skcipher

Any pointer greatly appreciated!



I just ran into the same issue after a kernel update to 3.13.0-83-generic. It appears to be bug with that kernel version reported on 3/16/16:

cryptsetup tcryptOpen doesn't work anymore

My temporary fix was to revert back to the previously installed kernel version.

Confirm current version:

$ uname -r

Remove 3.13.0-83 version:

$ sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.13.0-83-generic

Reboot your machine and confirm version:

$ uname -r

Kernel 3.13.0-79-generic works for me and no longer get any error messages with cryptsetup.

Since you appear to be on a much newer version 3.19.0-56 you may need to somehow get to 3.19.0-51 which one of the commentators in the bug indicates it was still working "fine".

Instead of downgrading, you may try booting into that specific version via grub and setting it as your default.

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