I have two machines on which one is running a postgresql charm and other is running the charm I'm working on. Now I need to ssh into the postgresql machine to run some database migration scripts. For unknown reasons, the charm fails when it tries to ssh to the postgresql machine.

ssh ubuntu@
Permission denied (publickey). is the IP for postgresql machine. I've scoured the internet for public key issue and done everything from generating a public key myself to copying it to the other machine but even ssh-copy-id throws error of public key. If i try to ssh from a juju machine into any other non-juju machine it works smoothly.

Anyone ever faced this problem?


You should use juju ssh command instead, like juju ssh postgres/0. Check out the user guide

  • Well my question was regarding ssh to another juju machine from inside a juju machine. So juju ssh won't work inside the juju created machine. – Sid Mar 18 '16 at 14:04

Juju doesn't setup ssh authentication between units of a service. The only ssh authentication it sets up is between the node where you ran bootstrap and the service units that you deployed.

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