I am new to Ubuntu. I have installed chromium by using:

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

Its installed but where does it go? No icon for starting it from desktop.and no icon in Applications-Internet

Please tell me how to run the program and create an icon for it and other applications which I install in future.

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    Note that Ubuntu 10.04 desktop has reached end of life and is no longer supported. If you are running a still supported version please edit your tags. – Takkat Mar 17 '16 at 8:02

You can run command chromium-browser from terminal. If the symlink was created while installing, that should work.

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If you are using desktop unity

The simple way is go to the Dash (the Ubuntu icon at the top of your launcher) and search for "chromium" in the search bar.

enter image description here

90% of your apps are installed in /usr/bin so you can find Chromium there too.

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