This is similar to a considerable amount of previous questions, but with an additional problem added on, so please skin to the last paragraph if you've seen this before.

I was running dual boot system, Linux 14.04 with Windows 7. I decided to upgrade the Windows partition to Windows 10, and my Linux partition vanished and GRUB2 was malfunctioning. As per this question, I fixed the GRUB2 problem, but the lost Linux partition was still unresolved. I have since fixed that problem with Boot-Repair.

The problem I have now is that GRUB no longer showing a Windows partition. Is there a method to fix this? I need both operating systems (Windows for A/V stuff and Ubuntu for everything else). Would I go with Boot-Repair again? Thank you in advance for your replies.

Edit 1: Here is a screenshot of the partition table. The one labeled "unallocated" is where the Windows partition should be, and the other mass-partition WAS labeled unallocated" yesterday until fixed.

Edit 2: I apologize, I am presently unable to get Boot Info Script to work properly. I will keep attempting until I can get it to work.

Edit 3: I feel like an idiot. I started a TestDisk to look at the location of the partitions and may have found the problem. The two partitions share a single sector, which is screwing everything up. I will attempt to fix it, having that information, and I will update again as soon as the attempt is complete.

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    Can you share the disk partitions either from Windows or Ubuntu? What are the specific error message and screen shots? – Ashu Mar 17 '16 at 5:10
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    Please run the Boot Info Script. This will generate a file called RESULTS.txt. Post that file to a pastebin site and post the URL to your document here. This will give us more details about your configuration, which is required to base an answer on more than guesswork. – Rod Smith Mar 17 '16 at 18:35