My Ubuntu 11.10 installation worked real good for two weeks. After the first few ubuntu updates (I am not sure if this is the cause) I am not able to use Unity! When I login to Ubuntu 2D, I get the following error:

Failed to load session "Ubuntu-2d"

The only option in this popup is a logout button. Hence, I am not able to use unity. When I try to login to unity, at times it work.. but launcher and panel does not start. I have to press Ctrl+Alt+T to get a terminal and start the launcher manually!

How do I solve these problems? I did reach but I am not able to see others facing this issue. I also do not know the location of logs, Please let me know where to look for and I will update this question with more information.

Thanks for the help.

ps: Currently I use the Gnome-shell with no problem. I am also able to login to gnome classic.

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