Say I have 3 terminal windows open: 1) With vim running, 2) with top running, and 3) with nothing running.

Now, if I Alt+Tab through my windows, they are all 3 instances of gnome-terminal, thus they are grouped together. Is there a way to start the vim terminal that will make it stand out for itself, as a separate type of application with its own name in the Alt+Tab menu? Ideally also with a custom icon, but that's not a deal breaker for me.

Given the example, it's natural to suggest to use gvim, but that's just because vim is used in the example. This could also be for the top terminal or anything else.


As of ubuntu 16.10 i managed to have separate entry for gnome-terminal with

 gnome-terminal --class=MC -e mc

That starts midnight commander within separate entry of Alt-tab.

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