I have tried multiple times to setup a mail server that uses a mysql backend on ubuntu 14.04 LTS, I have used this guide: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-a-mail-server-using-postfix-dovecot-mysql-and-spamassassin (and a few others previously that I cannot remember).

I keep getting bugs, not being able to login, smtp failing and all those things, so my question is: where can I find an easy to follow guide as the only mail server I have ever got working is this one: https://samhobbs.co.uk/raspberry-pi-email-server only that server does not use virtual users/.

Here is my complete log (from the first step to me just copying all the guides configs because it didn't work: hastebin com/kekezivezo.xml as I just copied all commands and only changed the domain name I dont care if there are any passwords/usernames/ect in there)


Installed the server using this guide recently on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. There are a few mistakes in the guide:

  1. You don't need some packs, some you should rename (This is an Ubuntu 16.04 only problem).

  2. nano /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-master.conf

    service imap-login {
      inet_listener imap {
        port = 0

    You need to add here the address = your ip, or dovecot won't open a socket.

  3. There is a mistake in dovecot-mysqlconfig in the guide. They recommending to uncomment disable_plaintext_auth = yes. But doing this is what doesn't allow you to login via mail clients through IMAP.

  4. Also an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS only trouble is, that while installing MySQL I have installed a password validation plugin. Thus, it wont allow you to create a 'usermail' user with a weak password from the guide. You should create user like 'dovepost' and with a strong password and change it in those 3 mysql config files for postfix and dovecot that you create in the beginning of the guide.

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