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As you know for trying to install softwares,terminal ask us for a password!but every time i trying to install software with sudo apt-get install command,my terminal ask me for a password,but when i typed it,it does not appear in terminal & terminal does not have any reaction to my typing!when i close terminal and start it again every thing is ok until i do same command for installing.

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That's a security feature. If you type your password and press enter, you'll be able to install the software.


It won't show up when you type and nor will it move, you must type your password and press enter. If still doesn't work try copy-pasting because you be doing typos.


This is expected.

For security reasons, whenever you type passwords in the terminal, they are not echoed back. This (presumably) is done so that someone looking cannot guess the password's length.

So, your passwords are being typed, it's just that you can't see them. Just type the password and hit Enter.

P.S. This confused me when I was a beginner, too.

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