The .cloud-install/commands.log file shows this error:

Attempt 5 to download tools from https://streams.canonical.com/juju/tools/agent/1.25.3/juju-1.25.3-trusty-amd64.tgz...
curl: (7) Failed to connect to streams.canonical.com port 443: Connection timed out

It attempts to download the tar file five times and then fails. This is where the node stops and nothing happens here after. The complete log file is available at: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15390451/


Solved it!!!! Seems like for JUJU bootstrap to work IP forwarding needs to be enabled on MAAS server.

Refer: https://github.com/Ubuntu-Solutions-Engineering/openstack-installer/issues/901

  • please give a detailed answer of how you solved it. it might be helpful to someone else in the future. – astrob0t Apr 25 '16 at 9:56

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