I have installed ubuntu 14.04 along with windows 8.1 here is what i did i tried to install kali linux tools in ubuntu 14.04 after installing those tools when rebooted my system a window appeared stating that "the system is running in low-graphics mode".I have builtin intel graphics card on my laptop. I tried every possible solution but following error occured. [met dependencies][1]

Beside after going through all solutions now i have only access to terminal. I have checked these links but it didn't solved my problem 1) How to fix "The system is running in low-graphics mode" error? 2) The system is running in low-graphics mode ubuntu 14.04 3)How do I resolve unmet dependencies after adding a PPA? 4)gnome3 isn't installing on Ubuntu due to unmet dependencies 5)Ubuntu 14.04 - You have held broken packages

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