So I've been using this distro(with Unity user interface) for a couple of months, and I decided to set up the LAMP and even use vsftpd for my wordpress website. However today I've encounter first serious trouble. When I login I see no icons, I can't open terminal... basically only thing I can do is to move a mouse cursor.

I've followed some of good ideas and good the guidelines in removing such as:

dconf reset -f /org/compiz

setsid unity

or this one, which I thought that would actually solve my problem because according to the description of the problem is the same as mine

so please if you got any clue about it, it would be appreciated

EDIT: Also I tried switching from Unity to Gnome, following this thread, but it didn't work, I have black-ish screen upon login, kind of the same problem


I didn't manage to find solution to my problem so I reinstalled Ubuntu 15.10 and did the backup. This guide helped me. And it works, even before I did backup I could preserve all of my files inside my home folder, but I had small trouble with USB mouse and keyboard(I use laptop).

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