Is there any shortcut for it?

If not is it possible to set a key for this operation?

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

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yes you can using Ctrl + D as you can see in this page under the Shortcut keys for editing files: Gedit shortcut keys


Have a look here

It is Delete the current line: CTRL+D.


Yes. Position the cursor anywhere on the line you wish to delete and hit CTRL+D.

Apparently the shortcut is simply built-in into Gedit. I can't find an easy way to change it; apparently that's technically not possible [anymore], or at least not easily.


For anything related to text in general:

Use Home to put the cursor at the beginning of the line then Shift+End+backspace

Similarly you can set the cursor at the end using End then Shift+Home+backspace

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