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Ideally I would like a way of easily toggling it so that a Terminal window (or something of the sort) appears over the top of everything when I press a certain keyboard shortcut and then disappears again when the keyboard shortcut is pressed again (or another keyboard shortcut), but I would like it so that it stays on top of everything while another window is selected. Is there a way to get something like this? Preferably it would be a GNOME Shell extension. I am running Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 with GNOME 3.18.

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The GNOME Shell extension Drop Down Terminal is just what you were looking for! Follow these instructions in order to install it.

By pressing the ` key (the one above TAB on most keyboards) you will get a Terminal, press it again and the Terminal will be gone (if you wish to change the keyboard shortcut for it simply go gnome-tweak-tool --> Extensions, press the options button for the Extension and you should find the settings in there).

Screencast (sorry about the bad video quality):

Drop Down Terminal GNOME Shell Extension Screencast