I recently installed Ubuntu 15.10 in dual boot with Windows 10. Since the installation, Ubuntu is taking about 1 minute to boot. Before the login screen the plymouth boot splash screen does not show up. Instead a black screen is displayed for about 20 seconds. So I figured it may be the problem but I am just guessing.

What I did was :

  1. Ran systemd-analyze blame. Found the plymouth quit-wait service taking 20 secs. So masked it by running systemctl mask plymouth-quit-wait.service.
  2. However no improvement in boot time.Although the log does not show the plymouth-quit-wait.service it is taking the same amount of time.
    Ran systemctl mask plymouth-quit-wait.service again. This is the file here http://pastebin.com/QhBrGt2x
  3. Also ran the bootup-repair utility but no help.Boot time is the same. This is the file generated by it here http://paste.ubuntu.com/15381960/

Note: I have 8 GB RAM and a HDD. My Windows 10 also takes similar time to boot. I also installed the Gnome-Desktop utility

Any help or advice is appreciated. Thank you.

  • What makes you think the boot time is wrong, or a problem ? Also, do you have an nvidia graphics card ? As far as I know, nvidia and plymouth don't play nicely together. – hatterman Mar 14 '16 at 5:03
  • @hatterman I have AMD R7 M265 on laptop for which no drivers have been installed. Should I install them? I thought Ubuntu boots fast but truly I have no idea. Also the black screen instead of plymouth made me think something was wrong. – Rishi Raj Mar 14 '16 at 6:20
  • Fast is in the eye of the beholder. 1 minute is fast compared to 2. Try not to get too obsessed with boot speeds. If it really is an issue, replace your HDD with SSD and/or suspend instead of shutting down. For AMD cards there is the proprietary driver fglxr and the open source driver radeon. Do a search on here for more info. I dont do any gaming so I always make sure my laptops have intel graphics. For me it just works. OpenGL and video decoding out of the box. – hatterman Mar 14 '16 at 19:25
  • advice noted @hatterman – Rishi Raj Mar 16 '16 at 18:00

I had a boot time of about 7:30 minutes. Ubuntu 15.10 using Lubuntu desktop on my Dell Inspirion 15 (3521) Laptop. I ran:

sudo systemd-analyze && systemd-analyze blame

Then I found the culprit and masked the service with

sudo systemctl mask <SERVIVE NAME>.

Boot is still a little slow but better 3:13 min. Shaved off 4 minutes of wait time. Still working on other services.

Update: After booting, I also noticed that the system looked for a swap partition. I commented it out in /etc/fstab. Now the boot time is 1:01 min. Oh, I am using Kodibuntu upgraded with Lubuntu desktop.

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