juju destroy-service command destroys the machine if the machine hosts only the service that is being destroyed.

I find it an inconvenience because:

  1. it does something unexpected
  2. there is an explicit destroy-machine command
  3. I would like to reuse the machine
  4. the data, the logs

Is there a reason for the way it is, and is there a workaround?


I'm new to juju but what I do to prevent this is by deploying an ubuntu charm on that machine and then deploying the service on it. So, first assign a tag in MAAS UI to that node and deploy ubuntu charm

$ juju deploy ubuntu --constraints tags=<tag that you set>

A new node will be up with ubuntu charm. Now deploy the service that you want.

$ juju deploy <your charm url> --to <newly added machine id>

P.S setting a tag to node is optional.

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