First of all, I'd like to state my partitions:

Windows 7 with:

C:\ Windows 7 (pre-existing installation).

D:\ Data (Already exists and has files).

I download Ubuntu 14.10 from a bootable usb. Then I delete Ubuntu's partition using a DVD Windows installer. When I reboot my laptop, Ubuntu's option is still exist and the partition is Healthy Logical not unallocated. When I click on delete partition, it became as free space not unallocated. Also, I tried to merge this partition back to C: but there's no extend volume option out there. I'm totally confused, how can I get my laptop normal again? How can I delete Ubuntu's partition and Ubuntu's booting option? I already read this question: How to remove Ubuntu and put Windows back on?. I've done the first answer of that question but the partition and the dual booting option persist.


First of all shrink that Logical Partition and then delete it, it will be transform as unallocated. In this situation you can extend the volume of C: or D:. Concerning the Ubuntu boot option task, I have deleted the sector Ubuntu/winboot/wubildr from cmd by this command bcdedit /delete {code identifier of the **Real-mode boot sector**}. To this moment everything is fine, ubuntu boot option is successfully deleted.

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