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I'm trying to compile Alephone on Ubuntu 14.04, but I'm getting the issue that -lGL isn't found. Running whereis libGL.so returns nothing, even though I've installed libgl1-mesa-dev, mesa-common-dev, freeglut3-dev, and freeglut3. This started after installing the proprietary drivers for the AMD Radeon 2400 HD pro. Due to an error with the installation, though, I removed it, and I think that's the culprit. How do I get the library back?

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Running sudo apt-get install fglrx-dev fglrx-updates fglrx-updates-dev Fixed the issue. For some reason, I couldn't install all three at once, so I had to install fglrx-dev first, and then the other two were fine.

EDIT: I was mistaken, following the instructions in this post worked perfectly.

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