When I installed ubuntu server v11.0, I was given a full list of services that I could install, like DNS, LAMP, Print Server, etc. I didn't choose any of them, because I wanted to get it over with the installation quickly. Is there a way to go back and choose one of these options and have it start its installation process EXACTLY as if I had chosen it with initial install?


These "services" are called package tasks and are really just predefined sets of packages, like meta packages. You can manage them using the tasksel command. To list available tasks:

$ tasksel --list-tasks | grep server
i server    Basic Ubuntu server
i openssh-server    OpenSSH server
u dns-server    DNS server
u lamp-server   LAMP server
u mail-server   Mail server
u postgresql-server PostgreSQL database
i print-server  Print server
u samba-server  Samba file server
u tomcat-server Tomcat Java server

and to install them:

$ sudo tasksel install lamp-server

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