I noticed from the InfoPanel screenlet that my computer downloading something at high speed. I was not downloading anything and I already ran apt-get upgrade so there was no apparent reason for my comp to download something. I tried to run some well known network checking commands but they didn't help much since they don't list connections by speed rate:

netstat -A inet -p | grep '^tcp' | grep '/' | sed 's_.*/__' | sort | uniq

ss -tp | grep -v Recv-Q | sed -e 's/.*users:(("//' -e 's/".*$//' | sort | uniq

Is there any tool you know that lists connections by speed rate like command top does ?


I think that the best tool is nethogs.

Unfortunately, the version available in Ubuntu 14.04 is broken, so you have to compile it yourself: See Nethogs → creating socket failed while establishing local IP - are you root?.

After that, just run:

sudo nethogs wlan0 

where wlan0 is the name of the interface you want to monitor.

example of nethogs running

Use q to exit.

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