I have Ubuntu 14.04 32bit LTS installed along with Windows 8 (dual boot). I do not have any graphics card(nvidia ,amd ,etc). I have Intel hd graphics driver. It worked fine for many days, but now, on booting, GRUB boot screen works fine but when I choose Ubuntu (in grub menu) startup gets stuck with blank purple screen(with no splash screen).

On pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ubuntu splash screen (with white dots turning purple) shows for 2 seconds and then PC reboots.

I've tried to remove and reinstall lightdm (my default display manager) from recovery mode but no success

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In my case I have a problem with grub rootdelay. After 20-30 sec try to hit Enter write exit (you didn't see it on screen) and hit Enter. System should run OK. Then you need to modify grub config.

But if it can't work try something else from this thread.

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