Hi i'm trying to install buntu mate on my new pc. I had a wierd bug where it got struk after partioning;

Window stuck on 'Force UEFI installation?' window

after i figured this out i had to restart the installaton, (i've read the only way to do that is turn off the power)

i get a green splash screen before the screen goes black/gray 
(i also added spacing to th specs section)
downloaded a new ubuntu mate file, but it didn't change a thing.
it seems to get into the os fine, but it just doesn't give me the graphical data
(i can see my mouse and move it, and when i move it over where the 
buttons from the mate startup menu should be the courser changes, but i cant see anything)

now when i try to install again the top 1/3 screen is black and the lowest 2/3 are gray, but it seems i'm in the os (in the try without installing area)

i've read that i have to use nomodeset, and that to do this i have to press either e or downarrow afte you choose try os without installing, but none of this seems to do anything

edit 2: 
i found out i had to push e while the "try ubuntu mate" option was highlighted
i did this and then wrote nomodeset noveau.modeset=0
but it still doesn't work


Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5Ghz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

8 gigs of  ram

thanks for the help

edit 4:

a guy told me to go into the terminal with alt + crtl + f1, i did so, and logged in with ubuntu-mate with a blank password, then i did:


this made the desktop show up, but it has twisted and wierd colors, should i install this? or redownload again?


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when inside the os you push:

alt + crtl + fx

where x is any number between 1 and 7

it'll ask for a username and keyword

the username is ubuntu-mate there is no password

then you write

sudo startx

this will clear up some of the screen, but not all, to clear all you push

alt + crtl + fx

where x is a number between 1 and 7 (not including the number you used before)

you log in and use startx as before (the process needed to be repeated 3 times for me every time i start and every time i log in)

Then you install XD

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