juju version 2.0-beta1-trusty-amd64

juju list-controllers CONTROLLER MODEL USER SERVER

Why it is not listing any controllers. I have created a maas environment using quickstart -i. environments.yaml is also created as below.

I tried to switch the environment but getting the error. Here is the yaml file placed at /root/.juju/environments.yaml

default: maas 
default-series: trusty 
maas-oauth: <key pasted here from the maas GUI>
type: maas

When try to add a cloud using juju add-cloud its also giving the error:

error: Usage: juju add-cloud

where is the cloud.yaml file ? I have also tried:

juju add-cloud maas envoirnments.yaml 
ERROR open envoirnments.yaml: no such file or directory

but still no luck.

Can someone please mention the exact steps to setup juju2/MAAS? it appears juju2 has made some major changes. Bootstrapping is also not as it was before.


You'll need to create a new file; cloud.yaml is an arbitrary file name, and you can put it anywhere. The contents should look like this:

    type: maas
    auth-types: [oauth1]

Then run juju add-cloud my-maas <path/to/your/cloud-yaml/file> to add the cloud to Juju.

You'll then need to add a credential for this by editing ~/.local/share/juju/credentials.yaml, so it contains:

      auth-type: oauth1
      maas-oauth: <API token from MAAS>

In 2.0.0-beta2, you'll be able to add credentials interactively using "juju add-credential". You won't be expected to edit the credentials file directly.

Once you've got those two files set up, you should then be able to run:

juju bootstrap <controller-name> my-maas


Thanks alot. It worked for me. Here are my files settings and few more questions to proceed:

cloud.yaml file

   type: maas
   auth-types: [oauth1]

and ~/.local/share/juju/credentials.yaml file.

          auth-type: oauth1
          maas-oauth: <API KEY copied from MAAS>

It created a controller named as maas and cloud name also maas.

root@maas61:~# juju list-controllers 
maas*       maas   admin@local

root@maas61:~# juju list-models 
maas  admin@local  just now

To access the ssh of the bootstrapped node I used this command:

juju ssh ubuntu@ (.193 is the IP of the bootstrapped node)

ubuntu@node0:~$ whoami

Now I have 3 questions here.

1- I have 4 nodes in my MAAS setup. Why it picked the node0 to bootstrap. Is there any way we can choose among these or pass the node details ourself ? Please tell the command to configure some other node lets say nodex as boot strap. Currently it appears to pick the first node in the list to bootstrap by default.

2- Can we boot strap multiple nodes for redundancy ? If yes How ?

3- If I want to su to root user in node0 after login as ubuntu how I can do that?

ubuntu@node0:~$ su Password: su: Authentication failure ubuntu@node0:~$

Is there any way to get root level access of the bootstraped node?? If I want to access the node0 from some other system which does not have juju installed how can I do that ?

  • Please create separate questions (not as an answer to a question), so they're not missed, and so they're more easily discovered by others seeking the same answers. – axw Mar 13 '16 at 1:40

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