This is the current title bar with no effect from the theme Current title bar

This is the title bar I expect with the sample theme


I am unable to change my title bar color and theme. I use Ubuntu tweak, unity tweak, compiz. Any theme I change, the title bar color does not change at all and uses the ambiance color (AFAIK). I have seen this issue before and I think I did reset of gnome themes, icons (not sure though), but now this does not seem to affect the color (or theme if you may call it) of the title bar.

  • I tried multiple things like rm -rf ~/.config/dconf, reinstall themes, unity tweak, etc. Nothing worked yet. – AnujKu Mar 9 '16 at 2:38

Last time I had that problem, I found that you needed to change the window manager. Try searching for a window manager and change it through that. Tho, It may not be there, as I am on XFCE and not Unity.

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