Using Ubuntu 15

I install Apache and want to add files to the /var/www/html/ directory.

If I type in my browser: file:///var/www/html/ I can see the files (only index.html). However, I cannot add, remove or edit any file.

Is there any way I can access to /var/www/html/ without using the terminal, something similar to Windowns accessing through the Files functionality?

I read that I should be able to do it this way: - Open Nautilus - Goto Filesystem → var → www and now you can add/copy/paste your files.

But If I type in Nautilus, the File cabinet open up and I'm not able to locate Filesystem

Thank you so much

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You have to run nautilus as root.

gksu is now depreciated so

I believe the proper way to open nautilus as root would be to use sudo -i instead.

Here's an example:

sudo -i nautilus &

Can not install nautilus-gksu in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  • You could also use pkexec natuilus also Mar 8, 2016 at 3:53

Simply you don't have permission to write in the folder. Either you should use your file manager as root, or change the permission of the folder to 666

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