I am currently using Ubuntu 14.04 and use it as my primary OS. I would like to dual boot over Ubuntu. Although I have read that it is preferable to do the other way round, still, I need to dual boot Windows 10 over Ubuntu.

I have read of issues with the grub and need to avoid those kind of problems.

Please provide me with a step by step solution considering that I have no experience of dual booting operating systems.

EDIT: I have tried to create a partition using GParted but have failed to do so. My drive with 912 GB cannot be resized. Here is the screenshot.


I found myself in a similar predicament recently, and the solution I found was to load GParted from a usb drive:


You can also use a cd to do so. Remember to go into the BIOS of your pc and set it to boot from the desired usb/optical drive first.

In the screenshot you anexed the drive can't be partitioned because it is in use. By loading GParted before the OS you will be able to resize it at will.

I hope that helps, good luck.

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