I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 15.10 on my Hp ML10 v2 (with Pentium G3240). I know about the controller raid driver problem, so I set in the bios the controller to AHCI SATA mode. I create an USB with unetbootin and boot the ISO from it, but when the installation starts, on the first screen (language selection) the keyborad doesn't work anymore. I use a wireless keyboard from Logitech, and tried to plug the USB reciever in the USB2 and USB3 port, but nothing changes. I've got also an old PS/2 keyboard, but the server doesn't have the PS/2 port! What can I do?

UPDATE The problem was the wireless keyboard! With a simple USB keyboard all works fine. But now I can't boot from the Ubuntu HDD...

  • Having the same problem, I called HP support, they said it's not supported. Have you been able to get this to boot? I don't want to have to return this server it because I cannot use Ubuntu. Basically did everything you did aswell. – Pacifici Apr 6 '16 at 13:38

Yes, I was able to get this to work, using Ubuntu 16.04 Server LTS. I put the detailed instructions that worked for me here: How can I install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server on an HP ProLiant ML10 v2 Server

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