I have moved my /home folder to a separate partition of my Ubuntu 15.10 because of space issues.

That has freed up enough space that I'd like to sync my Dropbox folder, but I can't fit it in home. I have ample space in the [not sure what to call this] installation partition (the root filesystem?).

Is there a persistent and private folder there that I could use to create a "data" folder?



To put your files in a /home is just a convention. You can store your files wherever you want. If you want to use some space in root make a directory there and set the permissions that match the permissions of your other files in your home directory. You can even make a symbolic link to your home directory. For instance:

sudo mkdir /mydata
sudo chown myusername:myusername /mydata
ln -s /mydata ~/mydata

Put whatever you want in that folder. You will have a folder mydata in your home directory which will point to the mydata folder in the root. Change the name mydata to whatever you like. In the last command ln you don't need to use the same name twice. You can also do it like this

ln -s /mydata ~/linktomydata

The ~ represents your home directory. So you can also write

ln -s /mydata /home/<username>/linktomydata

where you put your username instead of <username>.

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