I had problems with Google Chrome on Ubuntu 14.04 so I uninstalled it. Now, when I'm trying to install the 32bit version from the google website, I keep getting an error 404. I have tried other suggestions from other questions asked here but none of them work. I either get the same error in the terminal or:

Unable to locate package google-chrome-stable 

I'm not a computer programmer so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Help, please?

  • Have you tried sudo apt-get update? – cat Mar 6 '16 at 3:21

This is because Google have stoped support for Chrome in 32-bit linux distros.

In a double-whammy, March will also see Google Chrome stop supporting Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (which will receive critical and security bug fixes from Canonical until mid 2017).From this March only 64-bit versions of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (or later) will receive new versions of the browser from Google . Source

You should try Chromium or Opera of other browser Or
You should Install Ubuntu 64-bit.

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