The conversion answers that I have seen on the web suggest using a -c option in the command line using ffmpeg. However using Ubuntu 14.04 the -c option does not exist in ffmpeg version SVN-r0.5.1-4:0.5.1-1ubuntu1. Is there a newer version. If so how can I get it. Using apt-get, it says that this is the newest version.

Unfortunately Ubuntu 14.04 does not have FFmpeg at all in the standard repositories, an issue that has been rectified in subsequent Ubuntu releases. If you are keen to use default 14.04 offerings you would be using avconv from libav-tools. Use the following:

sudo apt-get install libav-tools libavcodec-extra-54

And then to simply change containers from mov to mp4:

avconv -i -codec copy output.mp4

If you would prefer a modern version of FFmpeg that fits in well with Trusty Tahr 14.04 (and I would recommend this path) there are 2 good choices:

  1. Use Doug McMahon's great Trusty Multimedia PPA
  2. Compile your own bleeding edge FFmpeg from FFmpeg trac instructions

Lots of good choices! For FFmpeg the command line is only slightly different:

ffmpeg -i -codec copy output.mp4

And that should solve your issue...

  • Instead of compiling, what about deb trusty main? – DK Bose Mar 6 '16 at 1:41
  • 1
    Indeed another great choice that I shall add in to my answer.... – andrew.46 Mar 6 '16 at 1:44

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