I want to prank my brother by throwing all domains he tries to visit to a webserver I have on the network.
but how do I edit his /etc/hosts file in such a way that I will redirect everything to that server? is the server


You can't. You could do this with squid or iptables, though!

Many years ago, I pranked a friend much more easily by adding to his autoexec.bat:

echo "Yes means no and no means yes. Delete all files?" pause

That was much simpler and just as funny ;-)

  • my brother is not 'dumb' enough to fall for that :p however, he doesn't know about /etc/host so that has more impact. but I guess I'll just use a little bash script for it then (I know all the sites he visits often so) – Finlay Roelofs Mar 5 '16 at 18:02

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