I am using an ubuntu phone (version OTA-9.1). I want to delete extra scopes. When I search them in the Ubuntu Store with the keyword scope, i cannot reach more than 100 entries. This means that I cannot delete scope like youtube scope without searching them one by one.

Do you have any solution to uninstall these scopes without searching them one by one?


As it is written here http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/there-is-a-sentence-in-this-ubuntu-phone-interview-that-worries-me-a-bit/2071/5 the Yahoo Finance is installed by BQ and it seems there is no way to remove it. Does someone got a solution?


Simply go to the apps-scope and tap for a loong time to that app you would like to uninstall. The Phone will switch automatically to the app-Store showing the corresponding app.

  • I do understand that but the defaults scopes provided by Canonical do not appear in this list. To delete them, I have to look them one by one. (For instance I do not need Yahoo Finance scope in my BQ aquaris ...) – Martin Rosalie Mar 8 '16 at 15:23

Some (but not all) scopes can be unregistered using the terminal app or another way to get a terminal on the phone and the click application. See How do I un-install / remove a click package for more information, and take a look at the other options to use click and use $ click list to determine the name of installed packages.

I know that this isn't necessarily a full removal for some scopes / apps, as they might persist as unused files, but it is the next thing I know.

This does not work for all scopes (e.g. apps not managed by click don't appear), but that way I could remove / unregister certain scopes I did not find in the Ubuntu Store.

However, I still have the Yahoo Finance scope you mention in the comment installed, not knowing how to remove it.

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