At work I print to a network printer, then release my print at any one of the hundreds of printers dotted around campus. The make and model show up as:

Sharp MX-5141N PS, 1.0

I set my computer up to connect to the printer on the appropriate URI using the ldp: protocol. I install the provided ppd driver. Once I've done this I can print to the network printers for a short time.

My question is that after a short amount of time (typically < 12 hours) Ubuntu automatically updates the printer I just set up and replaces the ldp with a local connection to the same printer shared through a colleague's MacBook. Through this indirect connect I can't (and don't want to) print.

How can I:

  1. Stop Ubuntu replacing my printer configuration with the shared printer it finds?
  2. Or, stop Ubuntu browsing for printers altogether (note: Browsing Off is already set in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf)

I've already checked out the responses to Stop Ubuntu discovering printers but this did not answer my question (I'm not looking to 'bump' my printer to the top of the list; I want to stop its settings being overridden).


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I think I figured the issue out. When I set the printer up, I gave it the same name my colleague had (the default), so when rebooting this was updating my printer with my colleague's settings over the network.

To mitigate the issue, I set the printer up and gave it a unique name. This has now persisted through a couple of reboots, so I expect this has solved the problem (unless someone else on the network uses the name I've chosen!).

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