I've followed the steps posted here with intentions of installing a custom theme downloaded from the previous site.

When I get to the step:

You’ll now need to log out and back in for the extension to be ‘picked up’ by the system, then enable the extension from the ‘Shell Extensions’ tab in the ‘Advanced Settings/GNOME Tweak Tool’ app.

I open GNOME Tweak Tool and navigate to the Shell Extensions tab but get the following:Shell Extensions screenshot

What am I doing wrong? I cannot see the necessary options to enable shell-extension themes.


Are you logged in to GNOME Shell? Also, have you installed any extension?

As far as I know, the extensions only show up when you're logged into GNOME Shell. In Unity for instance, the Extensions tab is empty.

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Try starting over, remove all the stuff you installed. Now, do this

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/gnome3
sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme gnome-tweak-tool


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I was having the same problem (the shell extension tab was blank after installing a lot of gnome shell extensions, gnome session fallback, gnome classic session and gnome tweak tool).

After that, I had three gnome-session types to choose: Gnome, Gnome classic and Gnome classic (no effects).

The problem in my case was the session type I had left chosen. I was logging on Ubuntu in a "Gnome classic" session instead of logging in a "Gnome" session.

I think that is what Alin Andrei meant with his answer.

Logging with the "Gnome" session makes my desktop looks like the image of the link below.

Gnome Shell Desktop

I hope that helps you.


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