I have installed ubuntu-one on a Lubuntu machine and indeed the file syncing works for all the folder that are shared.

My problem is that while on my ubuntu machine I can right click a folder and mark it as shared, I could not find a way to do the same under pcmanfm.

The only workaround I was able to find is to use the daemon via command-line:

u1sdtool --create-folder .

which works but is kind of clumsy.... any way to integrate in the GUI?

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I'm afraid this request and other U1 integration issues are on the Lubuntu developers To-Do list.

To summarise:

likely projects:

  • Ubuntu One - Pcmanfm integration - Need plugin infrastructure : TODO
  • Ubuntu One - Audacious integration - Write a plugin : TODO

discussed projects

  • Ubuntu One - Sylpheed integration - Need plugin interface to contacts component : TODO
  • Ubuntu One - Evaluate impact of additional programs to make it work : TODO
  • Ubuntu One - Evaluate if it's possible to add support in Xpad
  • Ubuntu One - Evaluate if it's possible / useful to add support in Osmo
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  • Thank you for this (+1) I was not aware of the situation. Yet... I hope that somebody maybe has a workaround to propose [i.e. no plugin infrasctructure but a wonderful and ugly fix]... – mac Oct 31 '11 at 22:52

Here is an "ugly fix". I'm not sure how wonderful it is though ;)

  1. Right click a folder in PCManFM
  2. Click "Open With..."
  3. On the "Custom Command Line" tab, fill in "u1sdtool --create-folder %f"
  4. Click OK

This should have added the folder to Ubuntu One like your command line did. Also PCManFM should now show "u1sdtool --create-folder" on the right click menu for folders.

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