due to unknown reason my CalDav calendar disappeared from my calendar management (overview) in KOrganizer. Strange fact is, that the calendar is still present under settings -> KOrganizer set up -> generally -> calendar. The status there is ready. Any ideas how to fix this?

What I did so far:

  • purge & re-install KOrganizer
  • deleted all calendars and set them up again

I'm using Kubuntu 14.04.4 & KDE 4.13.3

In addition: How can I set up a new local calendar?



After long time of research I found this solution:


The reason here was: In owncloud I had calendars and addressbooks with the same name. KDE was not able to deal with this, while e.g. caldav/carddav on android did fine. Maybe it would work with different ressources, but I just renamed the addressbooks.

Thanks to: mlorenzen

If this should not help try this in addition:

  • I reinstall akonadi-server & akonadi-backend-mysql
  • I deleted all files in /home/.kde/share/config (be carefull, your mail account information are there as well)

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