The phrase kernel development came up a lot when doing research, but other people mentioned C++/Python. What would I need in order to get started with this creative project? (not for commercialization)

Overview of my project

  1. Speech recognition - not one for commercialization, only to recognize my own voice and to open folders, files, and programs using my voice.

  2. Web crawling/scraping - I want to dabble with how to web crawl (purely for the educative experience. Again, this is not intended for a commercial project).

  3. Storing and retrieving information into a database - I'm familiar with Ms Access's interface and also SSRS/SQL. Might there be something similar to use with Linux?

  4. Opening and closing programs in the background while I work on something else.


Dude, you asked on dozen forums, already here and here

The answer is very simple:

  1. Learn Python. Yes, you need to learn it
  2. Download Jasper assistant from Github
  3. Extend it with the features you need
  • Just from your second point you've already doubled the amount of info I've gotten across ALL the sites I've asked on. Thank you. – whatwhatwhat Mar 1 '16 at 20:03

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